Water Solution

Inergio is committed to support “Smart Water” initiative to save the most precious resource in the universe. Starting from pipe leakage or pipe burst monitoring to pump health to Energy savings, there is a huge scope to improve the Water operation in a smarter way.

Inergio brings in a Framework for Digital Transformation of Water industry for both utilities and EPC players.

water industry digital framework

water smart meter integration

Value Add

  1. Complete online solution
  2. Centralized billing engine
  3. Reduction on the field force required to take meter reading & bill payment
  4. Online meter status check
  5. Event capture in case any malfunction

Mobile Workforce Management

Value Add

  1. Increase in productivity
  2. Connected workforce
  3. Authenticity on the completion of work with geo-coordinate matching
  4. History of work for future reference
  5. Asset Repository (Pipes, Valve, Meter etc.)
Step 1

Supervisor Web App

  1. Maintain worker profiles/slte profile/ asset profiles

  2. Create request / bulk requests thru excel upload

Step 2

Supervisor Web App

  1. Manage (View / Update / Delete / Unassign) requests

Step 3

Supervisor Web App

  1. work & work force monitoring

Step 4

Field force app

(Attendance Management, Accept / Reject Assignment, Update Progress, Upload image / video with Geo-coordinate, View Asset History (WO / Alert if any)