Inergio iSolarSight™ is a platform powered product built on open-source technologies end-to-end. It’s micro-servicebased framework gives agility to tweak as per customer need.

Integration & Data Platform

  • IT & OT integration
  • Data platform for data collection, tag set-up, data sharing with 3rd party
  • Big Data platform for extra large set-up
  • Multi-level Security

End-to-End Digital Operation

  • Alert & Alarm Management
  • Scheduled Maintenance Management
  • Ticket Management
  • Document Management
  • Reports / Data Download
  • Mobile Apps (Monitoring & Worker)

Unified Dashboard

  • Portfolio Dashboard
  • Site KPI Dashboard(Availability, Generation, Irradiance, CUF & PR)
  • Real time tracking & intuitive visualization,
  • Site Remote Video Monitoring

Analytics & Predictive Maintenance

  • Inverter Analytics
  • Alert Management (Analytics & AI Powered)
  • SCADA Tag Monitoring & Outlier detection
  • Site Loss Analytics & Recommendations

Inergio Solar Solution & Products

Inergio intends to automate & digitize the entire business processes with the new-generation Digital technologies. iSolarSight™ guarantees the performance improvement and enhanced Yield. For singlesite, you can deploy the solution at site, for multiple site, you can implement the most advanced CMS solution.

Complete End-to-End Solution

  • The local gateway solution that can be integrated with any SCADA / Datalogger solutions, sends data to central cloud solution.
  • Designed with Edge computing capability to enhance decision making at edge site powered by real-time monitoring, anomaly detection and notification
  • The complete CMMS solution that can be implemented at an individual discrete site or at central enterprise level to monitor, derive insights from Assets & Operations, and to perform O&M activities in a smarter way
  • We believe in efficient and connected operations. We have built mobile apps based on the industry operations persona like portfolio manager, site engineer or field worker

iSolarSight™ Solution by Persona

iSolarSight™ Mobile App (Worker)

I need to
  • manage my assignment remotely
  • update project progress with the status time-to-time

Field Worker - Sam

iSolarSight™ Web App (Single site) iSolarSight™Mobile App) (Single Site Supervisor)

I need to
  • see monitoring locally and remote with SCADA integrated
  • have CMMS capabilities to automate the processes
  • get insight around loss / performance
  • manage assignment with workers

Site Manager - Rosy

iEdgeX™ (Site eGateway) iSolarSight™ >Web App (Portfolio) iSolarSight™Mobile App (Portfolio Supervisor)

I need to
  • have central cloud system to integrate all sites SCADA and compare the KPIs
  • have CMMS capabilities to automate the processes
  • get insight around loss / performance

Portfolio Manager - John

iEdgeX™ (Site eGateway) iSolarSight™ >Web App (Portfolio) iSolarSight™Mobile App (Portfolio Supervisor)

I need to
  • a CMS & CMMS product that can integrate SCADA and other source systems and provide a Smart solution for my customers / my site supervisors and my field force workers

EPC Partner - Steepeni

iSolarSight™ Mobile App (Proprietor / CxO)

I need to
  • have KPIs and information for all sites in terms of health and performance

Solar Promotor - Nick

iEdgeX™ and iSolarSight™ Solution can be integrated with any SCADA & other enterprise source systems including IoT / IIoT

Some Screens for reference

  • Cloud Sync & Storage
  • Portfolio Monitoring
  • Analytics & AI
  • CMMS functionalities
  • Mobile Apps
  • SAP Integration

Why iSolarsight™ is unique ?

  • Inergio industry solutions e.g. iSolarSight™ are built upon enterprise grade platform with world-class top open-source products
  • Performance is key here, be it timeseries database or Kafka streaming or Python data transformation, the platform can process ultra size data without any compromise on performance
  • Continuous product augmentation with features around technologies like Blockchain / Watson and CMMS capabilities
  • Component based offering. You may take whole CMS or upgrade your CMS with component-based offerings e.g. “Mobile Application As A Service” , “Data Storage As A Service ” or “Analytics As A Service” etc.
  • Leveraging the same platform with functional features to support multiple industry solutions e.g. Wind, EV, Storage and integrated Demand Management System