Industry 4.0 Solution

Industry 4.0 is a strategy that incorporates technology-led initiatives utilizing technologies, such as cloud, analytics, AI, and robotics, coming together to enable visibility, control, and automation of an industrial operation within its value chain and ecosystem. A “Digital Twin” Platform for the Manufacturing industry is to connect Man, Machine and Materials and Methods (industrial process) while ensuring safety.

Inergio delivers innovative Industry 4.0 solution across Data Historian, Cloud Storage, OT / IoT Integration, Analytics and Workforce Mobility solution. Inergio's open-source IoT platform helps organizations to acquire capabilities in-house and drive digital transformation across the process areas.

loT connects all — Inergio's M4 Framework


  • Worker safety
  • Worker connect
  • Work assignment


  • Asset tracking
  • Machine log reading
  • Real time Condition Monitoring
  • Predictive Maíntenance
  • Asset Health a Reliability lndex


  • Real time inventory optimization
  • Connected vehicles
  • OEM Dashboard
  • Raw material and inventory forecasting

Method (process)

  • Work B Resource factory floor scheduling
  • Connected manufacturing process
  • Pipeline operation

Analytics reduces outage & optimizes operation

Real Time Monitoring

Condition monitoring of assets on real time

Al powered Anomaly Detection

Machine Learning powered self learning model with feedback loop

Forecasting Failure Probability

Forecast failure before they occur from machine data and contextual inormation

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance reduces outage a improves availability

Process a Operalion Optimization

Optimize process, operations, Totex with the 360° information

Mobility in manufacturing


  • Single window view for all information
  • Situational Awareness
  • Real time problem & real time solution

Shop Floor / Warehouse

  • Get safety alert
  • Receive work order
  • Conduct quality check
  • Fulfill support on real time
  • Update job status
  • Order parts

Field Sales

  • Digital catalogue
  • Display catalogue thru AR/ VR with process video

Field Service

  • Real time status
  • Geo-tracking
  • Alert with geo-fencing

Inergio built the IoT device to capture temp / millivolt on real-time and sends data to central system through the integrated IoT gateway

Inergio built the analytics model to monitor the flame detection from thermal images on real-time and to send the notification on any anomaly

Inergio delivered the solution for real-time monitoring of DCS data and associated Anomaly Detection model