We understand the challenge faced by organizations while adopting analytics and optimization. Whereas smaller companies don’t afford, bigger companies are perplexed with choices from service providers. Our leadership has abundant exposure in implementing analytics and cognitive capabilities across industry. We prefer co-sourcing model to bring the best value of the implementation at the least possible time and to be a trusted partner than mere a solution provider.

Things That Motivate Us


    To enable enterprises to enhance their core competency by building (essential) technical capabilities; leveraging the industry standard open-source platform; and accelerate the time-to-value through innovative pre-built industry solution powered by cognitive & AI.

  • Mission

    To be the most successful and essential company in E&U and Industry 4.0 space by leveraging the cutting edge technologies IoT, Analytics, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality & Optimization.

  • Values

    We value our people and our relentless pursuit to achieve customer delight.