Data is Oil. Platform is inevitable to manage the exponential growth of data. Massive collection, Quick processing and Easy sharing are the key.



Cloud is the “must-be-abode” for all enterprise data and application. This is the only answer for the scalability.



AI is everywhere. Analytics & AI powered decision support challenges now Human mind.



Mobility reduced time-to-action in the busy world. It poses the possibility of replacing personal computer in many business.



IoT connects and exchanges data with other devices and systems and makes the overall process connected.



Beyond Cryptocurrency, Blockchain now spans across industries covering identity management, smart contracts, supply chain analysis, and much more.



Enterprise Integration is evolving day-by-day with multi-cloud, BYOD, real-time monitoring and security threat.



Personalized, high performance User Interface is becoming the de-facto need for any customer.



Data Strategy and Transformation Roadmap

Work with customer and CDO office to define the strategy & transformation roadmap to develop a scalable platform to take care exponential growth

Data Engineering and Migration

Migrate data from on-prem, historian, SCADA into Cloud and provide engineering services

Cloud Data Management and Governance

Manage the lifecycle of data and Governance including data quality, metadata management etc.

Data Mirroring and Analytics

Real-time or batch replication of data from low performing system/SCADA into Cloud and provide Analytics and reporting services

Data Consumption Services

Provide secured data access and API services to integrate with consumer system

Inergio’s value proposition

  • An integrated Data Platform with the accelerator for data Ingestion, data management and APIs
  • Inergio Data Platform is Highly scalable micro service based architecture
  • Simple yet powerful architecture with non Hadoop stacks
  • 24×7 support team


Cloud consulting

Covers portfolio discovery, organization need, short-term / long-term value add and return on investment

Cloud Adoption

Cloud roadmap development, solution design and multi-cloud integration (in-bound / out-bound)

Storage & Migration

Cloud storage, security, migration and monitoring of systems & applications

On-demand Scaling

Cloud replication design and development (history data & real-time data)

Process Migration

Migration of processes from on-premises to cloud infrastructure for performance

Inergio's value proposition

  • AWS / Azure certified architects to design right solution and roadmap for the organization
  • Business SMEs to identify right data and processes to move to cloud
  • Inergio iSync™ product for remote to cloud replication
  • Inergio Event / Alert analytics microservice solution
  • 24×7 support team


Descriptive Analytics

interpretation of historical data to better understand and draw comparison. It demands many a time to convert the business rules into analytics framework

Predictive Analytics

Involve extracting information from existing sources of data, and determining patterns, and predicting future trends and results


Methods used e.g. Regression models, Moving Average (MA) Exponential Smoothing, and Autoregressive (AR) models. )


Implementation around scenario analysis & optimization techniques with the constraints and objectives

Artificial Intelligence

Deep learning analytics & AI services around Edge computing, NLP, Cognitive Customer Analytics, RPA & Computer vision

Inergio's value proposition

  • Experience Data Scientists
  • Huge exposure in building the Analytics / AI Roadmap for any business
  • Large scale Analytics / AI implementation experience with global customers
  • 24×7 support team


Roadmap Development

Mobility Strategy formulation and technology modernization

Mobile App Development

Mobile application development - Native app for IoS, Android and Windows. Hybrid application

Mobile App Testing

Mobile application testing – Verification and Validation

Mobile App Integration

Mobility Business Process implementation and Automation with seamless integration with workforce and automation systems

Mobile App Managed Services

Mobility Managed Service around Mobile application maintenance and support

Inergio's value proposition

  • Certified architects and specialist in Mobility
  • Industry experience on the field force management and enterprise mobility
  • Prebuilt mobile application for field force users
  • 24×7 support team


IoT Strategy

IoT solution assessment in terms of IoT Sensor / Device, IoT gateway, data collection and application

IoT Solution Development

IoT solution development around connected process, operation, workforce involving Inergio IoT platform and partner device solution

Industry 4.0 solution

Automation of Industrial processes, real-time monitoring and prediction with the inclusion of sensors / devices on the shop floor

IoT Platform and Integration

Real-time integration from sensors/devices including tag reading, images & videos

Inergio's value proposition

  • Alliance with most trusted sensors manufactures and automation partners
  • Accelerate IoT solution with Inergio’s IoT Platform IoT and connectors for industrial automation protocols
  • Domain experience with Energy and Utility
  • 24×7 support team


Blockchain Assessment

Develop a fit for purpose service scoring framework for identified clients’ business processes

Blockchain Development

Development of application around Smart Contract, Real-time Transaction and Settlement, Identity Management and Security

Blockchain Integration

Integration of Blockchain application with legacy systems, platforms and ecosystem partner applications

Blockchain Security

Security around Data, IoT Sensor / Devices, Access & Identity, Ledgers & Transactions

Inergio’s value proposition

  • Certified Blockchain Developers
  • 24×7 support team


Enterprise Integration

Transformation roadmap Develop transformation roadmap and Total Cost of Ownership model (TCO) to enable enterprise for digital transformation journey

Legacy Modernization

Through Agile Integration & Hybrid Integration – accelerate customer for their digital transformation journey

Integration Implementation

Digital Integration Services & Implementation wrt. API, Microservice, Container Management and System Integration

Digital Process Automation

BPM, Workflow, Rules and Process Integration including Robotic process automation to improve operational efficiency

Managed Services

Complete managed services and application support to manage and support the Digital Integration and Platform

Inergio's value proposition

  • Architects specialised in Enterprise Integration and Digital Transformation
  • Skilled in Integration platforms i.e. Mule, IBM integration Bus, Oracle Fusion, SAP PI and more
  • Know how to monetize data through the digital integration
  • Expertise with Hybrid cloud, Enterprise Integration standard and process
  • 24×7 support team


Design Thinking Workshop

Cloud consulting covering portfolio discovery, organization need, short-term / long-term value add and return on investment

UI-UX Design

Design of Web App, Dashboard, Widgets, Mobile app, Reports, Charts & Graphs

High Performance Web Application

Enterprise Web Application, Real-time monitoring centers, Anomaly Detection, Notification etc.

Dashboard & Reporting

Dashboard, Charts & Graphs, Report Development & Self BI applications

UI Application Support

Support for Enterprise Web Application at all level

Inergio's value proposition

  • Experienced SMEs to drive effective Design Thinking workshops with customers
  • UXP designers to develop the theme based Web app / Mobile app
  • Very experienced team to develop high performance Web & Mobile Apps
  • Available Assets & Accelerators for quick development time
  • 24×7 support team