Smart Meter Solution - iSMOC™

A Comprehensive Smart Meter Data Analytics Center for Meter operation and Analytics.

iSMOC™ offers comprehensive capabilities starting from smart meter deployment,integration with MDMS and other Utility systems. iSMOC™ Helps Utilities, C&I Customers and Consumers by leveraging smart meter data to perform various analytics such as consumption, saving patterns, optimization etc.

Inergio focuses on real-time monitoring, large scale real-time data processing, insight from the meter readings data and correlation with billing and other associated down-stream systems.

We invite DISCOMs and OEM vendors to leverage our end-end platform for Smart Meter implementation to bring the most value to the organization.

Inergio has dedicated focus on “Smart Meter” and the supported solutions are as given below

  • End-to-End platform on Open-source (ZERO license cost)
  • Smart Meter Integration
  • Information Architecture, Data Model, Data Storage etc.
  • Data lake set-up
  • Missing Data reconciliation (from the collected Meter reading)
  • Peak load management and Situational Awareness
  • Smart Meter Analytics (various consumptions patterns)
  • Smart Meter Portal (with the real time status & data)
  • Meter data consumption vs. Billing data
  • Energy demand forecasting
  • Power Quality (Voltage Drop) identification
  • Real time Energy Monitoring
  • Energy Efficiency / Energy Saving model development
  • Integrated dashboard for multiple facilities
  • Energy consumption analysis with 12 months trend
  • Neighbourhood comparison
  • Recommendation and Savings tips
  • Service request monitoring

Inergio looks for partnership with Smart Meter Manufacturing companies / OEMs / SIs for win-win proposition

Some Delivered Solutions